We have raised lambs for the past thirty-five years on our Southern Alberta farm with the help of family members, big and small. Gerrit and Janet, Bert and Andrelei, Brayden, Cole, Dustin, Nelina, Caleb, and Andrew all work together to bring you “the best of Alberta Lamb”.

We have an extensive cross-breeding program to improve meat quality and bone structure.

No hormones or preservatives are used on our farm in order to keep the meat wholesome and healthy.

Our lambs are fed a combination of whole grain, roughage and a ration purchased from a HACCP certified feed mill. The HACCP program provides a reliable and consistent supply of safe, nutritionally balanced feed for the health of the lambs and in turn for the benefit of the health conscious consumer.

Our flock is healthy and inspected periodically by local veterinarians for interprovincial and export sales.

The lamb is processed at a provincially inspected facility and cut and wrapped to the highest quality standards to meet the discerning consumer’s taste.

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